The battle of being in small business - Increasing sales but not enough hands on deck

One battle that is always familiar to every small business owner is when you invest to bring in more sales. You want to make your business grow and you invest successfully. Hire a great seo specialist or sign up for email marketing. The same problem we all have is the services actually work and better than expected. Here is where the problem comes in. You don't want to turn down the business but you also don't want to lose it. Now your looking to hire an additional employee and can't find someone who fits.

Being a small business owner myself and my business being about increasing other small business sales, I always recommend for my clients to pay attention to this. Yes, I can get you found on google. Yes, I can build you a website with effective SEO. Yes, you will see an increase in sales, but always keep in mind short term and long term capabilities of your business.

You can provide a great service or the best chocolates in town. Doesn't matter. If you don't have enough hands on deck and you can't take on the work, this can result in a honest poor interaction with your business. Leading to bad reviews.

So my first tip to my fellow small business owners is, learn how your goals and influx in sales interact with each other. A good SEO specialists, wed designer or marketing specialist will put you in the right direction but they aren't in control of what your business is capable of taking on. Always keep that mind when investing to increase sales.

By Adrienne Schreiber